Do you have a question? On this page we have collected the most frequent questions and their answers. If you can’t find what you want, contact us.

We have grouped the Q-As into the following categories: Room reservations, Rooms, Parking, Wellness, Cellar, Restaurant, Other.

Room reservations

1. How early should I make my reservation?

If yoiu would like to visit us in high season (holidays, national long holidays, Villány festivals) or for a weekend, then it is worth booking a month in advance; weekday stays are best booked 1-1.5 weeks ahead.

Holiday Seasons in 2024:

On Holiday Seasons our special offers are not available and our guests have to pay 1.000 Ft/night/person extra fee.

2. How can I reserve a room?

Books can always be booked in writing:

Please note that the reservation is valid only after acknowledgement by the hotel.

3. How can rooms be paid for?

We accept the following: cash, credit and debit cards, SZÉP cards (K&H, MKB, OTP). Int he case of group bookings pre-payment is possible on request.

4. Does a deposit need to be paid?

As a general rule deposits are not required. Exceptions are high season reservations (holidays, national long weekends, Villány Festivals): at these times our special offers and package deals are valid. Information on methods of prior payment are always given with the offer or package in question.

5. If for some reason we are unable to travel what happens with the deposit?

In such cases please turn to our guidelines for cancellations:

6. What happens if one of a group is unable to come? Do they lose their deposit?

In such a case please contact us in advance. Naturally it is unnecessary to pay for the services due to the “missing” person.

7. How much is the tourist tax?

In 2020 the tourist tax is HUF 500 per person per night, which must be paid by all guests over the age of 18. Tourist tax is not included in our prices and in every case must be paid separately.


1. When can I occupy a reserved room and when must I vacate it?

Rooms may be occupied from 15.00 at the earliest and must be vacated at the latest by 11.00.

2. What should we bring?

Please bring your identity papers for registration (ID, address card). If you would like to take advantage of the wellness facility, please bring a bathing costume.

3. Is the room supplied with bathrobes?

Bathrobes may be requested at Reception for a deposit. The deposit will be added to the price of the room at the reception and deducted on return of the bathrobes.

4. Does the room have air-conditioning?

All rooms and apartments re equipped with air-conditioning.

5. Does the room have WiFi internet?

Broadband (WiFi) internet is available throughout the hotel (including the rooms).

6. Will my laptop fit in the room safe?

The room safes are not big enough to fit a laptop. Valuables may be deposited at the hotel reception.

7. Is it permitted to smoke in the hotel, or in my room?

Smoking is prohibited throughout the hotel. Smoking areas are marked.

8. What’s the difference between a Deluxe and a Standard room?

The services and fittings of the two room types are identical. The difference is in the size of the rooms: Standard rooms are smaller than 15 m2, while Deluxe rooms are larger than 15 m2.

9. Are there family or interconnecting rooms?

For large families and groups of friends we offer our 4-person apartments or 2 x 2 Deluxe rooms.

10. Can a cot and nappy-changing table be provided?

Cots and baby-baths can be provided on request. Please ask for them in advance when you make your booking. Nappy-changing facilities can be found in the ladies toilets adjacent to the hotel’s wine-tasting room.


1. Does the hotel have a closed, patrolled car park for guests?

Yes, the car park is closed, patrolled and equipped with cameras.

2. Does the car park have cameras?

Yes, the hotel car park has cameras.

3. Does the room price include parking?

Yes, the price of the room includes parking space for one vehicle.

4. Where can restaurant guests park?

They can park in the hotel courtyard or if there is no space in the street parking facility.

5. When do the car park doors open and close?

The car parkis open every day from 6:00. It is closed Sunday-Thursday at 21:00, and Friday-Saturday 22:00.


1. Does the price of the room include the wellness facility?

Yes, the price of the room includes unlimited use of the wellness facility: pool, saunas, steam cabin, Jacuzzi, ice-fountain, rest beds

2. Can we continue to use the wellness facility after we have signed out?

The wellness facility can no longer be used after you have signed out.

3. What are the wellness opening hours?

The wellness facility is open every day between 6:00-20:00.

4. What can I do if I haven’t packed any beach sandals? Can I enter the pool area without beach sandals?

You can’t enter the wellnesws facility without the appropriate footwear. If you have forgotten to bring any with you they are available for sale at Reception for HUF 750.

5. What can I do if I haven’t brought any swimwear?

In this case we recommend Villány’s sports shop, open every weekday and Saturday mornings. Swimwear can also be purchased in nearby Siklós and Harkány.

6. Can the wellness facility be used by non-guests?

Our wellness facility is exclusively for use by hotel guests.


1. When can the Bock Cellar be visited?

With the help of our expert colleague, a cellar tour will start every day at 4:00 PM from Sunday to Friday at the Bock Cellar. On Saturdays, two cellar tours will be available: the first at 2:00 PM and the second at 5:00 PM. During the cellar visits, the program will be made more enjoyable by tasting two wines.
The cost of the cellar tour will be 1500 HUF per person, which can be paid on-site.
For guests under the age of 18, the cellar tour is free of charge, of course, we cannot offer them wine.

2. How much does the cellar visit cost hotel guests?

Cellar visits are free to hotel guests.

3. Can restaurant guests also visit the Bock cellar?

Yes, restaurant guests can also visit the cellar free of charge at the given times.

4. How much does a wine-tasting cost hotel guests?

For our prices please refer to the current wine-tasting offers.

5. How far is the cellar from the hotel?

The Bock Cellar is immediately below the hotel.

6. Is it also possible to visit the winery?

Yes, the winery can be visited as part of the cellar tour.


1. What are the Óbor Restaurant opening hours?

The Wine-tasting Hall and the Mediterranean Patio are open Sunday-Thursday 08:00 – 20:00 and Friday-Saturday 08:00 – 22:00.
Our a la carte kitchen is open Sunday-Thursday 11:00 – 20:00 Friday-Saturday 11:00 – 22:00.

2. Can we get a drink outside restaurant opening times?

Drinks are available to our guests from the reception when the restaurant is closed.

3. Must we reserve a table if we are not hotel guests?

Even our hotel guests need to reserve a table. This is especially true of the weekend, when our restaurant is generally full to the brim.

4. Is there a vegetarian menu?

Yes, our vegetarian guests are also ensured a quality menu.


1. Can pets be taken into the rooms?

Animal-lovers may bring their pets for a surcharge. The hotel tariff for pets is HUF 5 000 per night.

2. Can we buy vouchers?

Vouchers may be purchased which may be spent on any of the hotel and restaurant services.

3. Is the reception open 24 hours a day? Can the hotel be accessed 24 hours a day?

Yes, the reception is open 24 hours a day and the hotel can be freely accessed by guests 24 hours a day.