Two days of merrriment at the Villány Bock Cellar! “He who eats not goose on Martin’s Day will starve, and who drinks not new wine will thirst,” goes the saying. Tradition is important, especially when associated with good wines and a feast to end all feasts!

Szent MártonThe New Wine celebration enjoys a long tradition in th Bock Cellar, and the merriments linked with it are now a happening known nationwide among wine-lovers. Thanks to the growing interest, this year the event will again be spread over two days.
After a Friday steeped in tradition and folk customs, we offer new items on the programme just as new wine refreshes every cellar’s assortment.

Budapest Bár

On November 7, in the evening the gates of the Bock Cellar swing open and the event begins with whirl of ceremony and traditions. The elements of the event are orchestrated for the guests’ delectation by Master of Ceremonies Miklós Szakál, alongside the Blessing of te New Wine and Initiation to the Wine Order. The main attraction of the evening will be the Budapest Bár jazz concert, but , St. Martin, Béla Bartók Chor and Zoltán Szakács will be responsible for the continuous musical background to the evening.

Program Plan, 7. november (Friday)

St. Martin koncert17:00: Gate opening
18:00: Greeting of József Bock, and the blessing of te New Wine
Other programs:
– Initiation to the Wine Order
– St. Martin’s days ceremonies with Miklós Szakál
Budapest Bár concert
Musicians: Róbert Farkas, Mihály Farkas, Richárd Farkas, Károly Ökrös, Ferenc Kisvári.
Performers: Dóri Behumi, Juci Németh, Frenk, András Keleti, Misi Mező.
Béla Bartók Chor concert
Band of Zoltán Szakács concert
Raffle draw for Bock prizes

Cost for the November 7 events: 13 990 Ft/ per person,which covers limitless consumption of food and new wine, the opportunity to visit the cellar and all of the entertainments!

Goosy morsels from the Whirpool Show Kitchen.

Kovács Lázár

Events continue in the afternoon of November 8, but with a twist in the tail, for the main event will be far from old-fashioned. We await our guests with an interactive cooking show in the Whirlpool Show Kitchen. The chef of Whirpool, Lázár Kovács will turn the gastronomic traditions of St. Martin’s Day upside down. The day’s guests can count upon a mass of display cooking and tasting, naturally constructed upon the theme of the goose.

Program plan 8. november ( Saturday)


Back II Black

17:00: Gate opening

Interactive cooking show with Lázár Kovács in the Whirpool Show Kitchen
Brassdance Show
Back II Black concert
– Band of Zoltán Szakács concert
– Raffle draw for Whirlpool prizes

The November 8 events cost 6 990 Ft/per person, inclusive of a taste of the food cooked by Lázár Kovács, a three-course supper, 5 x 1 dl tastings of a selection of four of our wines (Hárslevelű, PortaGéza Rosé, Fanni Gyöngyöző Rosé, Szent Márton PortaGéza), a chance to visit the cellar and of course all the foot-tapping of the evening entertainment!

Márton napi libavacsora


Cold starters

  1. Crunchy goose scratchings with salad onion
  2. Smoked hock stuffed with goose liver with horseradish cream
  3. Spiced goose gizzard paté flavoured in its blood
  4. Home-made pickles (gherkins, paprika)

Main Courses

  1. Goose gizzard soup with tarragon and fresh spinach served from a cauldron
  2. Freshly cooked fried goose sausage with beetroot mayonnaise, mustard and soft bread
  3. Roast leg of goose
  4. Goose gizzard with sour cabbage and pearl barley in sour cream


  1. Cinnamon baked pumpkin
  2. Raisin fruitcake
  3. Mulled white and red wine served in clay jugs
  4. Hot tea with lemon served in clay jugs
  5. Salted, buttered popcorn

Important things to know!
– We will provide detailed information of the programme at a later date.
– The concerts will be in a tent in the Bock garden.
– The event is a private function; there is no possibility of reserving a table.

Tickets exclusively in advance (payment by transfer or in cash),
For Friday, November 7: 13 990 Ft/pp,
For Saturday, November 8: 6990 Ft/pp,
for both days: 19 990 Ft/pp.

Information about tickets:
Bock Hotel Ermitage and Óbor Restaurant
7773 Villány, Batthyány u. 15.
+36 72 592 951

We reserve the right to modify the event!

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